Customized mats Coconut fiber logo mats - 0 -
Customized mats Coconut fiber logo mats - 0 -
Customized mats Coconut fiber logo mats - 0 -
Customized mats Coconut fiber logo mats - 0 -
Customized mats Coconut fiber logo mats - 0 -
Customized mats Coconut fiber logo mats - 0 -
Customized mats Coconut fiber logo mats - 0 -
Customized mats Coconut fiber logo mats - 0 -

Coconut fiber logo mat

Absorbent Scraping Interior Outdoor under cover
Interior Mat / Pit - Heavy Traffic

This custom coconut mat has a high precision cutting technique > allowing the creation of all types of logos or other visuals, on a coconut fiber brush mat by transforming it into a support free communication. A wide range of colors of solution-dyed yarns, combined with the high-pressure water jet cutting of the logo allows for all harmonies.

It is possible to obtain an underlay to raise the pit if it is deeper. A free model will be sent to you before any manufacturing.

Available tailor-made.


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Our Coir Mat: Key Features

  • Mass-dyed threads
  • Scratch and absorbent product
  • High resistance
  • Intense traffic capacity
  • Available in 13 colors

Coir Mat: Recommended Applications

The coir mat is suitable for installation in commercial use pits: hotel entrances, shops, shopping malls, schools, universities, restaurants, supermarkets, elderly and disabled care facilities, documentation centers, educational and training institutions, holiday centers, non-residential leisure centers, agencies, etc.

Custom Coir Mat: Harmony Between Aesthetics and Functionality

Explore our exclusive selection of Natural Coir Mats, where carefully woven aesthetics meet robust functionality to create an accessory that exceeds all expectations.

Natural Coir Fibers

The distinct advantages of coir fibers

Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in the creation of our mats, crafted from natural coir fibers. These fibers preserve the raw and natural look of the material, providing your space with an organic and warm touch.

Custom Coir Mat

Designed to seamlessly integrate

Whether you plan to install it indoors for a welcoming effect or outdoors under cover for a memorable first impression, our Coir Mat effortlessly adjusts to any environment. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, bringing with it a natural and welcoming touch.

Resistance to Intensive Use: The Strength of a Coir Mat

Durable in daily use

Modern life demands solutions that stand the test of time. Our coir mat is not only stylish but also designed to withstand intensive use. Whether in a high-traffic area or a domestic space, its intrinsic durability ensures outstanding performance for many years.

Scratch and Absorbent Coir Mat

Features that make a difference

The incorporation of absorbent and scratching properties in our Coir Mat sets it apart from other options on the market. It not only captures moisture and dirt but also provides a gentle scratching effect to remove impurities from your shoes, ensuring the cleanliness of your indoor space.

Custom Thickness for Your Coir Mat

Customizing comfort underfoot

NEO SOL offers you a choice of thicknesses for Coir Mats, allowing you to customize your experience according to your preferences. Opt for a 17mm thickness for a close-to-the-ground feel or choose 23mm for additional comfort.

Coir Mat with Durable PVC Sole

Support and durability

The PVC sole of our coir mat not only ensures stability but also ensures that your mat remains functional even in demanding conditions. This robust sole keeps the coir fibers in place, thereby extending the life of your mat.

ERP Category

Certified reliability

The Coir Mat we offer is rigorously classified in ERP category 3. This classification attests to its ability to withstand traffic ranging from 301 to 701 passes, ensuring that your investment in quality is well-founded.

Easy Maintenance of Your Coir Mat

Cleaning within everyone's reach

Maintaining the fresh appearance of your coir mat is as simple as regular vacuuming. The robust and easy-to-maintain surface ensures that your mat stays beautiful and functional without requiring excessive effort.

Unique Customization

A Mat that reflects you

Make a statement with our Custom Coir Mat option. Choose a design that reflects your personal style or incorporate your logo for total customization. This mat becomes an extension of your identity.

Choose our Custom Coir Mat now and transform your space into a truly exceptional place. For any questions or to discuss your specific customization needs, feel free to contact our dedicated team.

Data sheet

Format Mat
Type of fiber Natural Coconut
Location Interior
Outdoor under cover
Intensity of passage Intense
Properties Absorbent
Thickness 17 mm
23 mm
ERP category 3 ( 301 to 701 passages)
Maintenance / Cleaning Vacuum cleaner
    Why do you need a customized mat? ...

    Custom mats meet a number of objectives, not only for cleanliness but also for communication. They are innovative communication tools that will make you stand out from your competitors and standardize your franchises.

    They can be used to welcome your customers in your image, give you visibility from the outside and attract passers-by who don't yet know you. They can also be used as a gift from you to your partners, or as a point-of-sale advertising tool.

    When should you use a personalized mat? ...

    You can use personalized mats for :

    • Inaugurations
    • Special events
    • Trade fairs
    • Advertising purposes
    • Promoting your services and business
    • Standardizing franchises
    • Make yourself visible to the outside world.

    How do I choose a personalized rug? ...

    To choose a customized mat, you first need to know your needs:

    • to highlight your store
    • standardize your entrance
    • advertising at points of sale.

    Then choose where to place it: indoors or outdoors.

    Why choose a personalized rug? What are the advantages? ...

    Customized mats help you stand out from your competitors, make your entrance look as good as your brand image, attract passers-by if the mat is outdoors, advertise in an innovative way.

    Will the personalized rug match my interior? ...

    We offer you a range of customized mats with different functionalities and a wide choice of colors.

    I'd like a personalized rug but I don't have any ideas. Do you have any visuals? ...

    We can offer you visuals, provided you give us your personalization requirements: logo, company name, details of services offered, etc., and we'll send you a mock-up.

A mat adapted to your needs

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