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Rubber grating

Heavy-duty rubber gratings for indoor and outdoor use

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Heavy-duty rubber gratings for indoor and outdoor use

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Rubber gratings | Rubber anti-slip mats

Rubber grating

Heavy-duty rubber gratings for indoor and outdoor use

Heavy-duty rubber gratings for indoor and outdoor use

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Rubber gratings | Rubber anti-slip mats

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The main advantages of rubber gratings

Professional rubber gratings are renowned for their resistance and effectiveness against mud, moisture, dirt and humidity. The rubber grating surface is also draining, thanks to the benefits of its pimples. Generally speaking, there are several types of rubber grating on the market today, such as sports and leisure rubber gratings, driveway rubber gratings and more.

Here's a closer look at the features and benefits of rubber gratings.

Rubber gratings: the first calling card for professionals

Offices, businesses, service and retail premises all have their first calling card: a practical, clean and attractive entrance. That's why the role of professional rubber gratings should never be underestimated. As well as being a marketing tool, non-slip rubber gratings stand up to wear and tear in high-traffic areas. In this category, you'll find a wide range of rubber entrance gratings to welcome visitors and keep the premises clean.

Tailor-made rubber gratings for outdoor use guarantee adhesion and effectively remove the heaviest soiling. In addition, some rubber grating tiles also remove minor dirt, while absorbing moisture. As for rubber grating for entrances, it removes the rest of the dirt and keeps high-traffic areas clean. This way, your floor cleaning budget is reduced!

Professional rubber gratings: versatile and resistant

Unlike other materials, rubber gratings are raised and embossed, making them easier to remove moisture and dirt. They are also highly appreciated for their anti-slip and drainage properties, making them ideal for high-traffic use. Rubber entrance gratings owe their excellent drainage to the mat's cells and raised surface. The result is a dry, nickel-free surface.

In addition, outdoor rubber gratings resist the vagaries of the weather, while retaining debris, dirt and dust in front of the entrance. Naturally, this type of anti-slip matting can be used outdoors, indoors or at the entrance to business premises.

In this product range, you'll find rubber mats designed for outdoor use, thanks to their exceptional resistance, as well as entrance mats and doormats designed in rubber. Scratch-resistant rubber gratings are available in a range of sizes, colors and abrasion and wear resistance categories.

Focus on PMR-standard rubber gratings

A reminder: the environment in which gratings must be manufactured is governed by handicap standard LOGC940024A. According to this standard, "the minimum diameter of slots and holes in the floor is 2 cm". ERP customers are advised to opt for PMR-standard rubber gratings. Note that rubber gratings with beveled edges are essential when the floor mat does not fit into the pit, to facilitate mobility for PMR.