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Accessibility (podotactile)

Accessibility (podotactile)

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ERP accessibility and safety

The safety and accessibility of an establishment open to the public, or ERP, is something never to be taken lightly. In fact, in an ERP, every individual must be able to move around easily and simply. To help PRMs, or people with reduced mobility, ERP must, for example, install podotactile tiles or studs, PRM mats and floor marking strips.

Focus on these PMR accessibility and safety features to enable PRMs to visit your establishment in complete safety.

Customizable PMR disinfection mats

The welcome mat is essential for any ERP, as it enables visitors and employees to wipe their shoes, and in fine, to keep offices clean. In addition, disinfectant mats provide added safety against the risk of falls on wet or slippery surfaces. In addition, PMR accessibility for people with reduced mobility is ensured by this object. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, shoe disinfectant mats are functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing. Since they play a major role in the quality of the welcome given to visitors, they have a significant impact on a company's brand image.

Orientation aids

Orientation aids encompass all approaches and devices designed to guide the visually impaired, the blind, the PAM and the ERP within business premises. We offer professional establishments several solutions that meet PMR accessibility requirements, such as anti-slip strips and floor marking strips.

Reliable and effective, our orientation aids prevent accidents and provide a safe reception for the public and employees in your working environment. Accessibility of an ERP requires first and foremost signage designed for all types of disability. PMR signage is essential for an establishment, as it enables users to enjoy a high degree of autonomy. Establishments can also opt for an effective and hygienic signage mat.

Products to prevent hazards for PRMs: podotactile tiles and podotactile nails

To optimize safety and prevent hazards, the installation of podotactile surfaces is essential in ERP. Why? Because these special elements alert the visually impaired to hazards and obstacles. Podotactile tiles have a special texture that people with visual impairments can easily recognize when they walk on them.

This product range includes all the podotactile equipment required for an ERP. In fact, the aim of these pedometers is to improve accessibility and safety for PRMs. Looking for a podotactile tile for indoor use, or podotactile nails? We've got the right product for your establishment!

For your information, the equipment in this category fully complies with current standards. Depending on your establishment's needs and the location of the podotactile equipment, there's a wide choice to choose from!