Rubber grating Caillebotis en caoutchouc classique - 130.8 - JK GUM OCTA
Rubber grating Caillebotis en caoutchouc classique - 130.8 - JK GUM OCTA
Rubber grating Caillebotis en caoutchouc classique - 130.8 - JK GUM OCTA
Rubber grating Caillebotis en caoutchouc classique - 130.8 - JK GUM OCTA

Classic rubber grating

Outdoor matting - Trafic Intense :

This grating is a variant of our hollow-round grating. It has denser cells that allow for greater water drainage. It is ideal for areas that are more sensitive to water or snow. It is favored by ski resorts and swimming pools for its anti-slip and drainage properties, which are very important in these environments. Maintenance is easy and requires no special care: lukewarm water is all that's needed to clean this grating.

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  • Natural and recycled rubber
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Draining


This mat is generally used in ski resorts, swimming pools, the industrial sector, restaurants, playgrounds, etc.


Data sheet

Format Mat
Surface Openwork
Design Round holes
Intensity of passage Intense
Properties Draining
Composition Natural rubber
Thickness 22 mm
Weight 15,5 kg
Sole Natural rubber
Environment Dry environments
    What is a grating? ...

    Grating is a square slab of metal, polyester, rubber or PVC, made up of several parallel slats. The slats come in a variety of sizes, species and colors, and are grooved to prevent water from stagnating and the floor from becoming slippery.

    What needs are met by gratings? ...
    • Polyester grating: 65% resin for chemical and UV resistance, 35% fiberglass for high mechanical strength. Molded in panel form, it guarantees excellent resistance to varying degrees of corrosion and chemical aggression.

    • Rubber gratings: All our rubber products comply with the Reach regulations adopted to better protect human health and the environment against the risks associated with chemical substances. They are water and UV resistant, anti-slip, anti-fatigue, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable.

    • Hygienic grating: Made from moisture- and UV-resistant PVC, hygienic grating prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps wet environments clean while protecting users.

    • Metal grating: commonly used for technical walkways and stair treads, but also in the building industry for facade elements, fencing and railing infill.

    When and where to use a grating? ...

    Polyester gratings: Food industry - Paper and cellulose industry - Pharmaceutical industry - Plastics industry - Fiber and textile industry - Automotive and aircraft construction - Offshore installation - Sewage treatment plant - Navy and shipbuilding - Transport - Pickling and galvanizing plant.

    Rubber gratings: Can be used in a wide range of applications: building entrances, walkways, stairs, access paths, production lines, ski resorts, etc.

    Hygienic gratings: swimming pools - changing rooms - saunas - hotels - kitchens - steam rooms, etc.

    Metal gratings: Thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and solar power plants - Chemical and oil industries - Automotive and steel industries - Shipbuilding - Cement works - Metal processing and construction - Railways and transport

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